Hot Water Tank VS Tankless

Tankless water heating solutions have grown to be ever more popular, since they give you savings in the long run. Enjoying cheaper operating and energy charges, on demand water heater solutions are a greener option and more effective than hot water tanks of the traditional type.

Conventional Hot Water Tank vs. Tankless Water Heater

With advancements in technological know-how, you can easily get hot water on demand when you require, as opposed to waiting for it to warm up in a tank or cylinder.

There are many advantages of tankless water heating over the traditional approach.

Electric Bills – A conventional tank based water heater heats and pre-heats water at a preset temperature range without regard for your hot water requirements. This can be responsible for somewhat inflated electricity bills. By the use of a tankless hot water system, the energy consumption is linked directly with your hot water demands. There is no need for preheating. Hence, the electricity bills should decrease.
Heat Loss – Whenever water is preheated and held in a tank, there’s a large amount of heat and energy loss. This is another thing that you should prevent by using on-demand water heaters.
Water Storage Tanks – With on demand water heating solutions, you no longer need a storage tank. A traditional water heater pre-heats and holds twenty five to fifty gallons in a tank which continuously needs heating. A tankless water heater supplies hot water whenever you need it, doing away with large water storage cisterns.
Life Span – Traditional hot water heaters usually last 10 to 15 years in contrast to the almost double 20+ years lifespan of a tankless water heater. So, you will save on turnover costs. This consideration additionally covers the high installation and purchase costs that come with tankless hot water heaters.

Hot Water Tank

If you’re looking to switch out your old tank based hot water system speak to an expert first off to talk about your options.

Hot Water Tank Buying Tips

Water heaters are quite important and if yours is too old and rusty, it’s time to get a new one.

You will need to consider your family size when considering a hot water tank replacement. Aside from that, you will also need to consider the available space and the utility area of your house.

1. Storage tank is the most common type and so far, most homeowners find it the best choice. It also comes in different models like liquid propane, natural gas, and electric. If you want to conserve energy, you can opt for the LP and natural gas water heaters. These are also cost effective as compared to the electric water heaters.

2. The tank’s size is another important consideration. You can determine the needed tank size by considering the number of people in the household. For 2 people, you can choose the 30-40 gallons storage tank; 3 people = 40 gal; 4 people = 40-50 gal; and for 5 or more people, you will need 50-80 gallons.

3. Determine the space dimensions where you will put the water heater. If you plan to get a bigger tank, you will need to change plumbing.

4. If you simply want to add hot water, you can get the small storage tanks. These are also called mobile home, utility, or point of use water heaters.

5. The on-demand or tankless water heaters can’t store hot water. Water is heated only when needed so this is an energy efficient option. These are also available in natural gas, LP, and electric models.

6. When shopping for water heaters, you can also look for other accessories like heater stands, heater pans, water alarms, tank expanders, pressure regulator, timers, and insulating blankets.

Get the best hot water heater now. You can either purchase it online or in local stores. Shop wisely and try to shop around first to get the best deal.

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